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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Dual Cultivation
Chapter 867 – Visiting the Sun Family Again cool violent
Since Crab Area was near the City of Yuan, they would naturally are conscious of Direct sun light Jingjing, the girl from the popular Sunlight Loved ones and as well Su Yang’s partner!
“T-Thank you so much, Small Young lady!” The guard immediately bowed to her with tears streaming down his deal with.
Sun Jingjing nodded, “You’re right. This may be the past time I discover their whereabouts, all things considered.”
“I stumbled upon them.” Su Yang explained a minute soon after closing his eyeballs.
“Which pro is utilizing spiritual good sense to spy in my community?” The Area Lord frowned following sensing Su Yang’s religious perception. On the other hand, he didn’t dare to undertake anything, while he quickly seen that the divine sense was much stronger than even the optimum point Globe Mindset World professionals as part of his city.
“Are my mothers and fathers house?” Direct sun light Jingjing questioned.
Su Yang and Sun Jingjing left the metropolis of Yuan and went to Crab Community soon after.
“Thanks for the assistance.” Sunshine Jingjing said to the shield plus the receptionist before abandoning the place with Su Yang.
Dual Cultivation
“I do not know. I’m sorry.”
“I recently found them.” Su Yang stated a minute after shutting down his eyeballs.
“They may be presently away for your company achieving with a few recognized households.” The secure replied.
“That they had to go out of the area, so it’ll take at the very least weekly.”
Su Yang and Direct sun light Jingjing kept the City of Yuan and traveled to Crab Metropolis soon after.
“I’m sorry, but we’re not agreeing to any family and friends for right now.” The receptionist stated without even checking out their statistics.
“Many thanks for the assistance.” Direct sun light Jingjing said to the defense along with the receptionist before departing the location with Su Yang.
“I do not know. I’m sorry.”
“I found them.” Su Yang explained an instant just after shutting his eyes.
“Fairy Sunlight!”
“Welcome back again, Young Girl, Elderly Su.” Exactly the same guard that greeted them before greeted them within the door.
“That’s appropriate. I’m Sunlight Jingjing, so i am right here to view my mothers and fathers.”
Su Yang and Sun Jingjing eventually left this town of Yuan and went along to Crab Location shortly after.
“Small business meeting that requires these to go out? That’s uncommon because my mothers and fathers would usually have the other individuals arrive at our residence.” Sunshine Jingjing elevated her eyebrows.
“Fairy Sun!”
The guard nodded, “Absolutely, Youthful Woman. The Masters ought to be in Crab City for the Beach Wind Hotel presently.”
The secure then transformed to consider the good looking small mankind ranking beside Sunlight Jingjing and swallowed nervously.
“A conference? What bad timing… I don’t need to intrude in it, but…” Sunshine Jingjing sighed.
“Me also, grandfather.”
“Me also, grandfather.”

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